Homeowner’s Association and
Condominium Association Disputes

Homeowner’s Associations and Condo Associations are extensively regulated under Florida law, which imposes various duties and powers on these associations for the benefit of homeowners. Generally, an association’s main responsibility is the management and operation of the community in the best interest of the homeowners, such as maintaining the common elements, electing new board members and representatives, and taking steps to protect home values, such as making valuable improvements. However, as with any community, disputes sometimes arise between associations and homeowners. Just a few potential disputes include breach of the governing documents, such as the bylaws, rules and regulations, or declarations; failure to properly maintain the common elements; property damage and insurance claims disputes; selective enforcement of association rules and regulations; and more. If you have a dispute with your association, we can help. Disputes regarding your home can be exceptionally stressful, and the Rhodus Law Firm is committed to advocating for your rights every step of the way. Our attorneys are experienced in homeowner/association disputes and are prepared to provide thorough, effective, and efficient legal representation to resolve any issues and obtain the best outcome possible for our clients.