Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it is very important to consult an experienced lawyer about your charge(s). There are many factors in play that could impact your decisions throughout the criminal proceedings and various ramifications of the proceedings brought against you. Rhodus Law Firm has 10+ years of experience in criminal defense practice. Hiring a private attorney to handle your criminal matter will ensure that the proper amount of time is devoted to your case so that your rights are zealously advocated for. As a former Public Defender, Attorney Rhodus has built a strong rapport with prosecutors and judges across the State of Florida. We understand every case is unique and fact specific and that is why you need an attorney with experience and knowledge of the criminal justice system to customize the defense for your case.

Let us carefully investigate your case, deploy a team of advocates, and fight for your rights throughout the entire process. Don’t pursue this stressful and emotionally trying experience on your own. Backed by experience, we have what it takes to obtain the best outcome for you.

In November, the voters in Pinellas and Pasco County will need to decide who they want as a State Attorney. Below is virtual debate between Bruce Bartlett and Allison Miller. Bruce Bartlett was appointed the State Attorney after Bernie McCabe passed away. Allison Miller is a former Public Defender. It is important the voter educate themselves as the State Attorney’s decisions can impact your family whether it is someone is charged with a crime or is the victim of a crime.