Business Law & Litigation

Rhodus Law Firm offers a wide range of services for businesses ranging from business formation to business litigation. We aim to help make sure you are choosing the right kind of business structure to support your business needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to different entity structures based on a variety of factors, which carry important considerations such as legal liability and tax implications. We can help you choose the right corporate structure and guide you through the formation process. This includes ensuring your contracts are well-drafted and targeted at mitigating potential conflicts.

Florida law requires corporate parties involved in legal disputes to have an attorney in all cases not postured in small claims court. Although we strive to prevent or resolve disputes without costly and time-consuming litigation, we are prepared to fight for our clients throughout the legal process. Whether our client runs a sole proprietorship, startup business, small business, or is a corporation, Rhodus Law Firm implements the skillset required to diligently pursue even the most complex business litigation on our clients’ behalf. We strive to protect your business interest, business assets, and good-will while ensuring compliance with your business’ objectives. Whether acting as plaintiff or defendant, your business disputes will be handled aggressively and tenaciously in an individualized manner.