Rhodus Law Firm handles a wide variety of appeals in state and federal courts on behalf of both corporate and individual clients. If you’ve lost your case or are dissatisfied with an outcome, either party may have the option to appeal to higher courts known as appellate courts. This may be an interlocutory appeal during the pendency of your case, or upon entry of a final judgment. However, you may be under time constraints and should seek immediate legal advice after the court’s decision. Appeals require a great understanding of the law and significant trial experience. As part of Rhodus Law Firm’s practice, we diligently review and analyze the trial court records, research and analyze applicable laws and caselaw, draft persuasive and structured appellate documents, and advocate before appellate judges. Whether civil or criminal in nature, we strive to correct errors committed by the trial court and encourage uniformity in Florida laws in every appellate matter. Appeals set the precedent for trial courts to follow and determine how our trial courts will interpret the law for years to come. We are proficient in presenting polished arguments on appeal and delivering noteworthy results. If you have a question about a decision made in your case, contact Rhodus Law Firm to consult with an attorney who has in-depth knowledge and experience of appellate procedure and Florida law.