Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves legal dispute between parties, including individuals and businesses, where civil penalties and damages are being sought. Having an experienced litigation attorney to represent you throughout motion hearings, mediations, arbi… Read More

Business Law & Litigation

Rhodus Law Firm offers a wide range of services for businesses ranging from business formation to business litigation. We aim to help make sure you are choosing the right kind of business structure to support your business needs. There are advantages… Read More


Rhodus Law Firm handles a wide variety of appeals in state and federal courts on behalf of both corporate and individual clients. If you’ve lost your case or are dissatisfied with an outcome, either party may have the option to appeal to higher cou… Read More

Criminal Defense

If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense, it is very important to consult an experienced lawyer about your charge(s). There are many factors in play that could impact your decisions throughout the criminal proceedings and various ramification… Read More

Homeowners/ Condo Association Law

Homeowner’s Associations and Condo Associations are extensively regulated under Florida law, which imposes various duties and powers on these associations for the benefit of homeowners. Generally, an association’s main responsibility is the manag… Read More